Fitness Coaching


Health and fitness is vital for equestrians. We can be hard on our bodies with riding many horses, jumping jumps, and those inevitable falls and other horse related accidents. The stronger and healthier our bodies are, the better we will ride, the more energy we will have, and the less likely our bodies will be to break when the inevitable happens. We are athletes, so we must treat ourselves like athletes!

Keeping our bodies fit, and eating healthful food, can also help us mentally. Once we get to a certain point in our riding careers, it becomes so much more mental than physical. How we treat our bodies, directly affects our minds. If we are filling our bodies with bad, processed foods and never exercising outside of riding, will can become moody, sluggish, and feel stressed. Eating well and exercising gives us more energy – and calmer steadier minds. It is not impossible with a busy schedule! No excuses, y’all!!

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