Well, Hello

My goodness, it has been a long time. I thought I would never get back to blogging, even though I have missed it so! I don’t even know where to begin. Over the past year, I have begun my nursing career. I got married. I moved again. I started showing Flynn. Well, we went to one show last year before life got in the way. And now we have hit quite the setback (more on that to come).

Needless to say, there has been a lot going on…

My nursing career has affected my life both positively and negatively. I think maybe I will do a whole post about it. But long story short, while I am financially in better place, I struggle a lot with working twelve hour night shifts. The exhaustion often leaves little energy for much else besides working.

Married life is wonderful. My husband has even started bonding with the horses! Flynn is obsessed with him. Chance is a little indifferent unless he gives him cookies.

Chance is still living the good retired life. He turns twenty this year! I have owned him since he was eight! They sure grow up so fast.

Flynn had an amazing year last year. He really figured out the whole hunter jumper thing. He loves jumping, and being challenged more. Unfortunately, we have hit a bit of setback which I will posting details on in a separate post.

Overall, it has been a very crazy past year! But I am determined to get back to blogging this year, and bring y’all along for whatever it has in store!

Stay tuned!



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