Last week I said that winter is coming, and now it is here. I have a nasty cold to prove it! It has been consistently cold for the past couple of weeks, even freezing at night. That is not characteristic of November in Texas, for  we normally do not get this weather until January. And super cold days are often so few and far between, we can skip riding! I do not think we will get that luxury this winter! Luckily, Chance has been pretty good in the cold; a little fresh but nothing crazy. He seems to like it. I am alright with cold weather as long as I bundle up and channel my inner ice queen. I wear so many layers. I have been wearing silks under my breeches, long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, vests, scarves, and jackets. Sometimes, all at once. I also have the Roekl winter riding gloves that I love! They are just like the regular Roekl gloves, only lined with fleece; they are warm, but do not hinder movement. I also live in my Ariat vests in the wintertime! I have two that I have had for years and they are still in great condition. I would like to find some winter breeches, does anyone have a recommendation? I have never really needed any, but I have a feeling that this winter I will.

It is rather nice to be in a new season – a season that barely exists for Texas. Places with four seasons seemed so enchanting to me when I was young. In Texas, we experience two: hot and not so hot. The past couple of years, though, we have experienced a little bit of winter – even a little snow. I know I am a terrible Texan for saying this, but I hope we get snow again, and that it sticks! I have been dreaming of a white Christmas my whole life… I have only seen real snow once, on a ski trip in Colorado; when it snows here, it melts as soon as it hits the ground or shortly after. We have mostly had ice storms the past couple of years, with a little snow mixed in. Maybe we will get the real thing this winter.


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