January Blues

IMG_3607If I had to describe January in Texas… IT’S WET! We have had so much rain, and I am beginning to forget what the sun looks like. I really do not mind the cooler temperatures, but constant rain makes life difficult for those of us that thrive on fresh air and the great outdoors. I really try not complain too much about the weather, but I am going a little stir crazy not being able to ride (and being cooped up inside); so much so, that I went running in sleet the other day. Yes, sleet. That is a big deal for a Texan. People thought I was crazy, although those of you living up north I am sure have been dealing with far worse conditions. We do have it pretty good here; for it rarely gets below freezing. Although I do not think I would mind a little snow. At least it would be nice to look at. I am always a little envious when I see lovely wintry pictures of snow and ice on my Instagram feed. Texas winter is mostly naked trees (except for pine) and rain. We did have a few ice storms last year which were interesting. I found the frozen trees to be sort of beautiful. I even somewhat find the naked trees to be pretty too. I think I would love winter if it was not too wet to ride. The clouds and bareness are eery, but lovely nonetheless.


Alright, enough about the weather! Chance and I should be back to normal work this week, and will possibly start our show year at the end of the month. We made much improvement last year, and hopefully will make even more this year! He has been really good on the days I have been able to ride, despite the inconsistency; so I am sure once life returns to normal he will be fabulous. And later in the spring, I will begin shopping for another horse. A young jumper prospect is what I am hoping for.

Great things are happening this year, I simply have to get through January. Hopefully the rain will subside for a time, and the sun will appear so that I can get back to my outdoor life.




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