Advice Needed

015e3fed0ddb778dfbde47475d7cdbf7f68980835bFellow horse lovers, I need some advice! I have been having some trouble with Chance lately… He has been developing soreness off and on. We are having trouble pinpointing the source – we suspect it is in his feet. We have injected them, which has helped. However, yesterday he acted pretty uncomfortable while tracking left. He did not limp or anything, but he was stiff and reluctant to move forward. We could not find a sore spot, but something is up. Muscle soreness or inflammation somewhere, perhaps? I would love to try a chiropractor or equine massage therapist, but he is so sensitive and weird about being messed with that I am not sure he will tolerate it. I am now thinking of trying supplements… Any recommendations? Have any of you had similar problems?


16 thoughts on “Advice Needed

  1. This is a difficult one! Is he lame at all? Has anything changed with the farrier? Or with his diet/turnout/exercise routine/tack? If it just suddenly popped up, I would be inclined to continue try to pinpoint the cause first.


    1. It has been more of an ongoing struggle. He does some issues with his feet that we have been working on, so that could be the root of everything. His feet have greatly improved. Now, he seems to be having body soreness or some kind of discomfort. He is not lame, but something is up. Nothing has changed in his routine other than rainy cold weather


      1. If he did have sore feet, there is a really good chance that his body is sore from that. I would definitely look into someone who can do GOOD chiro and massage work. If they are good, I am sure he would enjoy it :). That would be where I would start. If it were me, I would also start to keep a video log and notes. When diagnosing something, that is super helpful!


  2. I have an idea from left field … have you thought of having him evaluated for ulcers? Especially if it seems like body soreness/reluctance to move forward. I know that’s random because you’re trying to work out feet issues, but it might not hurt to check on it, if you haven’t already. If you have, then never mind!


  3. Kelsey

    Definitely look into the chiro and massage. I know it does wonders for my whole body, but especially my lower body joints, when I get fixed up.


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