Horse Show Rituals

We all have our own little routines that we complete before heading off to a horse show. We likely also all have little superstitions, or “good luck” things we do too! The first thing I do when getting ready for a show is groom my horse. Touch up clipping, bathing, mane trimming are all things I do a day or two before leaving for a show. We are heading to a show today, so after I rode yesterday I touched up Chance’s mane and gave him a good bath (he was good on clipping because we went to a show last weekend). Next, I made sure everything that I will need (boots, gloves, etc.) was in my trunk; I also made sure all of my tack was together and cleaned well. Since I currently board my horse, I will not pack the trailer – but if I was on my own I would likely pack the trailer the day before leaving so as to not be scrambling.

Today we will school, and we will show Saturday and Sunday. The night before a show, I clean and polish my show boots. I actually find polishing my boots very relaxing! I also love having shiny, clean boots at a show. I think that being well turned out is an important part of showing. After making my boots look like new, I lay out the show outfit I plan to wear. I typically leave early in the morning, so I make sure everything – breeches, shirt, collar, socks, belt, coat, – is out where I will see it. Then, I prepare snacks and a lunch for the next day. After I have everything ready for the next morning, I relax!

Now for some of my weirder rituals! For some reason, I love watching surfing movies before a horse show. They always get my pumped up. My favorites are Blue Crush and Chasing Mavericks. I know it’s strange, but it works for me especially when I am feeling nervous! The movies are about facing fear, so they resonate with me when I am feeling pre-horse show jitters. When I get dressed for the horse show, I always skip a belt loop. I accidentally skipped a belt loop at a show when I was a kid, and from then on I decided that it was for luck. People always tell me I missed a loop, and I always say “I know, it’s for luck” and I get teased. I don’t care though! I also try to match my socks to my shirt, and wear makeup and earrings. I do not wear makeup every day regularly, but I always to at a show. As for earrings, I just think they complete the look 😉

What are some of your horse show rituals? Are they as weird as mine?


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