Happy Halloween!

 It is a gloomy, spooky Halloween here in Montgomery, Texas!
Being under construction, there are contractors in and out of the farm every day so I go check on things and make sure everything is locked up at night. My dog, Khloe, goes with me and thinks it’s the greatest thing ever. I, on the other hand, get a little spooked! Growing up in the city, I am not quite used to how dark it is here at night. It’s pitch black! I will get to thinking about snakes and coyotes and other critters while walking around in the dark. Last night, after watching a documentary on vampires, I was particularly spooked. I checked every thing, and made it back inside, but I was still a little jumpy (it was October 30th after all!). I was doing some laundry, and suddenly I hear the door creak open – very eerily and ominously. I jumped, but when I looked this is what I saw…


It was just Khloe seeing what I was up to!

Needless to say, I stopped watching creepy Halloween documentaries and watched Mean Girls instead…

I do not have any special Halloween plans today. My sister is coming into town, so I will be spending time with her. I am currently taking a break from housework. I did not ride this morning because of a terrible thunderstorm. Perfect way to start Halloween right?! I rode Chance all this week, and he was pretty good, so he gets a Halloween holiday. Perhaps I will watch more creepy shows since I will not be alone tonight! Growing up, it was a tradition to watch a documentary on the history of Halloween. Strange, I know. Maybe we will bring it back this year. My sister, mom, and I are planning to watch the new Cinderella movie tonight also. I have seen it, but I am ridiculously excited to watch it again. I know, I know I am about twelve at heart! I will even be in Disney World next weekend haha. OH, and let’s not forget that the Breeder’s Cup Classic – and American Pharoah’s final race – is today!

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!



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