Realities of Horseownership

Horses don’t always do what we want. They get hurt and sick at the most inconvenient times, which can often put a damper on show plans. They can be tough to train, have annoying quirks, or even have physical problems that make it impossible for them to perform the way we need them to.

Chance was supposed to go to a show with my trainer this weekend (I am out of town for my sister’s bridal shower), but he partied too hard in the pasture on Thursday and cut his leg pretty nastily. He’s likely going to be completely fine, but he had to miss the show. We thought hard work wouldn’t feel too good for him, and him bleeding in the show ring wouldn’t make us look too good! 

We think he was kicked, so it is back to solitary turnout for a while. On top of this injury, he has had two other injuries to this leg this year…. First it was a mild tendon strain, which is fine now, then it was a cut to his lower leg that created a hematoma. Luckily, he was perfectly sound with that boo boo so he has been working. We have just been wrapping it after I ride, as well as putting a mild steroid cream on it to prevent infection. 

With the new cut, he has a double leg wrap…


Sometimes you just have to laugh at their antics. I am just glad it wasn’t worse! He should be ready to get back at it when I return from my trip. Hopefully, he won’t be so accident prone the rest of the year!


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