Endless Possibilities

As an ambitious, goal-oriented person with big dreams I have always had a hard time with not moving forward at the pace I would like. I often think about how far I have to go to get where I want. I am also extremely hard on myself, as well as very critical of my every mistake. This seems to be a common theme among equestrians. While striving for constant improvement is great, dwelling on every mishap is not. The truth is, a mistake doesn’t mean that you are a bad rider, and a setback doesn’t mean that what you want won’t happen. Things have been happening in my life that a few years ago seemed completely impossible.

It once seemed impossible that Chance would ever go around as well as he has been going lately. It once seemed impossible that I would ever have a horse farm, and that is slowly happening as we speak.

I sometimes think of my equestrian goals, along with my life goals, and think that they are unrealistic or simply not possible for me. But then I look back to where I was a few years ago, and what I have now once seemed unfathomable. I am coming to believe that anything is possible so long as I keep trying, and moving forward the best I can. Getting caught up in what you don’t have at the moment, instead of appreciating how far you have come, gets in the way of your progress.

Honestly, I have not had the best week this week and this post serves as encouragement for me as well as you. It is the truth too. Stop and think about where you were a few years ago. Recognize how far you have come, rather than dwelling on how far you still have to go. Possibilities really are endless. All of the great riders and successful people in this world had to start somewhere, right?

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