Lots of Progress!


I have been meaning to post this for a while now, but life has been a little crazy lately, but better late than never!

About two weeks ago, Chance went on the lunge line, for the first time in I don’t know how long, and he was so much better! He was not quite 100%, but he had made so much progress since the EPM treatment!! I would say he was about 90% better! The plan is to put him back in work next month (or in two weeks!).

Hopefully he cooperates with the whole working thing, it has been so long and he has never been the quietest horse either. But I can hardly wait to sit on him again, craziness and all! This has been such a long road, first figuring out what was wrong, then treating it, and now allowing him to fully recover. I honestly never thought I could handle him being out of work for so long, but it could be worse. I thought, for a while there, that he would never be able to go back to work; so I am thrilled that it looks as though he will.

These horses teach us so much. Mostly the fact we can’t control everything, no matter how hard we try. They also teach us patience, and resilience. There will always be tough times to go through in this sport. Injuries, setbacks, training struggles, the list of what all can go wrong with horses goes on and on! But life is the same way, with or without horses. We can’t control everything, and we have to learn how to get through the hard times. Things almost always turn around eventually. We just have to have a little patience, and a lot of resilience.



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