How A TV Show Helps Me With My Horsemanship

A few weeks ago, my parents convinced me to start watching the show, Heartland, on Netflix. I was reluctant. I thought getting hooked on a show would be a terrible idea during the school year – especially a show with like thirteen seasons! But I finally succumbed to their pressure. Naturally, I immediately fell in love with it. The beautiful Canadian scenery, horses, ranch life, along with some teen drama. My kinda show! I am honestly not sure how I never watched it when it first came on the air.

I know, I know there are some parts that are unrealistic, “cheesy,” etc. But there is some good horsemanship displayed too. The characters use “join-up” to start (and fix horses), a term coined by Monty Roberts. The main character never shies away from problem horses, but gets inside their heads and figures out the root of the problem. She also allows the horses to choose their own paths, rather than forcing them into a box like so many trainers. I learned that lesson all too well in trying to make Chance into a show horse, when it clearly wasn’t what he wanted.

To be honest, I have been using some of the techniques from the show and they’ve worked! The show has also been giving me so much inspiration and motivation to get outside and spend time with the horses. I have struggled with that over the past year, with all of the schoolwork I have to do. Not to mention the long days of lectures, labs, and clinical! I just want to pass out at the end of them. Who knew a TV show would get me outside though, and reignite that fire I used to have for working with horses! It may seem silly to be so inspired by a show, but hey who cares! We can draw inspiration and motivation from anywhere.




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