Equestrian Fuel

I always see memes floating around the internet joking about how equestrians make sure their horses have the best of the best diet wise, while we live off of ibuprofen and ramen noodles (or something along those lines). Honestly, I don’t think that is super funny (sorry to be a party pooper!). How can we give our horses our best if we aren’t at our best?

All jokes aside, equestrians are athletes too. We should treat ourselves like it.

We need proper fuel in the form of a balanced diet. We need energy, a healthy gut, and a clear head to be able to be our best for our horses. Furthermore, properly fueling our bodies is not about following the latest fad diet. Proper fuel is a balanced diet. We need a good balance of carbohydrates (no, they’re not the devil), protein, fats, vegetables, fruits, as well as vitamins and minerals.

We don’t have to buy the most expensive stuff either. We don’t necessarily need everything to be organic in order to have a healthy diet. If you cannot afford (or do not have access to) organic produce, buy regular produce! Just work with what you have. Focus on whole foods that you enjoy eating. Do you hate broccoli? Well, then don’t eat it! There are plenty of other green vegetables out there, pick some that you actually like.

This is a pretty short post, but my point is to remember to take care of yourself too! Fuel yourself like you fuel your horses. Be your best for them!



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