Meet The New Guy

Kc4+19soQqmJxi4+0QdNmAGetting a new horse is always such a fun and exciting thing. I have posted about my new guy on my other social media pages, but I have neglected to write about him on here! What a travesty!! Anyway, meet Flynn – full name, Flynn Rider the horse after the guy from Disney’s Tangled. No, he did not come with this name but I have always wanted a horse named after a Disney character!

Flynn is an off the track thoroughbred. He retired from racing about two years ago, likely due to a bowed tendon (at least that is my suspicion). The person I got him from pulled him from a bad situation, nursed him back to health, and got him going again. I found him on good old Facebook, with an ISO ad that his previous owner responded to. I must say, if you are struggling to find a horse post an ISO ad in horse groups on Facebook! I found so many horses that I had not seen advertised when I posted my ISO. I think sometimes people don’t have their horses officially for sale, but are open to the idea when they see that someone is looking for something similar.

I do not know a ton about Flynn’s history on the track, as I do not have his JC papers. He is tattooed, so I could look him that way I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I am mostly curious to find out if him and Chance are related because they look a little bit alike. However, I also have never researched Chance’s bloodlines in the past eight and half years I have owned him! What can I say, bloodlines just aren’t something I worry about.

What I do know about Flynn is that he is incredibly sweet and good natured. He does have some signs of past abuse, but he is very well-mannered with a gentle hand. He is eight years old, though still a bit green when it comes to the hunter/jumper world; but he is eager and happy to learn. He is also one of those rare horses that is quiet and gentle, yet still has a motor. He hardly takes any leg! Perhaps other OTTBs are that way too? Chance never raced, so I have not had much experience with a horse that has.

I am currently out of town in Arizona, visiting my boyfriend, for the next few weeks. However, when I get back I plan to get to work on this guy’s training and see what he can do!



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