Here Goes Nothing

Hello world, my name is Laurel and I am an equestrian.

I have been wanting to try my hand at blogging, it has just taken me a while to figure out what to blog about. I finally came to the conclusion that perhaps I should blog about what consumes my mind the most: horses. It is said to write what you know, and this is what I know.

I have been riding for over half of my life. I have been to countless horse shows, and ridden countless horses. I have taught riding lessons, and trained green horses. For the most part, I have lived in hunter land. I love the hunter ring. I am a bit of a perfectionist, so the meticulous nature of it is perfect for me! I also love riding green horses. Working with a young horse is incredibly rewarding; all the challenges of training become so completely worth it when things start to click. I guess, in a way, that is why I love to ride. For that moment when everything clicks – whether on a green horse, or even on a seasoned horse in the show ring. That moment when everything comes together makes all of the hard days worth it. 

So, that is what I will be blogging about. The good days, the bad days, and all those in between in this crazy life of being an equestrian.



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