Double Life

My life’s ambition, for a very long time now, has been to be a horse trainer. I used to ride for people, and teach riding lessons. However, the jobs I had did not work out the way I had hoped, so I decided to make a change.

My parents own a real estate company, so I began working as their assistant on a part-time basis. I enjoyed it, so when they suggested that I become a licensed agent to be able to do more for them, I obliged. While taking the courses required for the Texas Real Estate Salesperson License, I developed more of an interest in the industry. For a while I thought that perhaps I do not really want to be a horse trainer after all; that maybe I would be happy simply riding as a hobby, and having a “real job.” So for about a year now, I have been leading a bit of a double life as  a real estate agent, and an equestrian. I have spent time building my real estate career, and have tried to think of riding as a hobby. But riding will never be just a hobby for me. After stepping back and taking time off from the horse industry, I have become even more sure that training horses is ultimately what I want to do with my life. However, so is real estate. So, I figure why not do both?

People tell me to focus on getting my real estate career going. To put it first. Then, I will have plenty of money to ride and show horses. After all, it is much easier to make a living selling real estate than training horses. The problem is that my ambition to be a horse trainer, and to own a horse farm is clearly not going away. And I know that I can still be working toward this goal while working a “real job.”As a real estate agent, I have the freedom to make my own schedule. Also, the majority of the work I do is from a laptop or iPad, so I can do it from anywhere! I could be at a horse show half way across the country and still be working. So, with good time management and balance, I can move forward in both industries. And I want to move forward in both industries. I plan to build both of my careers simultaneously. I have decided to become successful with a “real job,” while pursuing my passion. I intend to continue living this double life.


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