All You Need is Love

Horses are truly fascinating creatures. They have been used by humans for centuries in war, farming, transportation, and now in recreation. They are hard workers and lovable companions. They are beautiful and strong. Intelligent and spirited. I suppose these are some of the reasons why I have been fascinated with horses since I was a little girl.

I remember always dreaming of owning a horse long before I began riding lessons. Maybe it is every little girl’s dream, and I just somehow turned mine into a reality. Now, I can’t really imagine my life without horses. What would I do with my spare time? What would I spend all of my money on? Would I go out with my friends more, and live like most people do at twenty-five; and spend my money on designer clothes? I have no idea how to answer these questions because I cannot picture my life any other way – with the exception of owning more horses and travelling to more horse shows. I have told people that I am going to ride on a cold winter day, and they reply with “but it’s cold out, why are you going to ride?” I never really know how to answer these kinds of questions because unless it is a monsoon, blizzard, hurricane, or tornado I am likely going to ride. It is a given. On cold days, I pile on layer after layer. On hot days, I hydrate and drown my skin with sunscreen. But I always ride.

When I first started riding, I was not naturally talented. Sure, I had good balance and a nice position after all my years in ballet. But I was a little timid. Jumping did not come easily. I was not one of those kids that trainers oo and awe over, saying that they will be great someday. I am sure all of my early trainers would be shocked to know how far I have come; all the horse shows I have competed (and won) at; the fact that I have ridden professionally and taught lessons; that I train horses. I did not get where I am with natural talent. I got here because I love horses and riding so much that I have always been willing to work very hard. I worked very hard to improve my riding. I did not give up after bad show days, I kept pushing myself until all of the sudden I was winning. When I began training horses, I fought through all of the tough situations that arise with green horses because I love this sport no matter how difficult it can be.

Riding did not come easily to me. However, my love for it gave me the drive to work hard and never give up. To this day, I have a lot of flaws as a rider that I am constantly working through. I have big goals for my equestrian career that seem impossible for me to achieve; although ten years ago, where I am now would have seemed impossible too. I know that I will go far because I have what so many incredibly talented riders lack: true love and passion for the sport, and for horses. So, wherever you are in your riding career if you truly love it you will go far. You don’t need innate talent, tons of money, or a fancy horse worth more than a house. All you need is love.

“All you need is love. Love is all you need.” – The Beatles




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