Off Days

Yesterday, I had the day off of work. After a crazy busy week last week, and a crazy past few months, I felt that taking a Tuesday off of work was a fabulous idea. So, how did I begin my day? Like most equestrians, I rode. I was up at 6am to get out to the barn before the heat kicked in. I not only rode Chance, but three others at the barn. I actually rode Chance last. He was giving me looks as if to say, “Umm I think you’re forgetting who you belong to.” And surprisingly, he was the laziest of them all! I could barely convince him to go to work until we started jumping. I joked with my trainer that “my summer horse has arrived.” On the bright side, his laziness caused him to jump the two stride better than he ever has… Cantering to it I felt like we did not have enough step, but it was actually the perfect amount – I am just so used to him rocketing through it like he is being chased by a lion. I thought to myself, “So this is what it is supposed to feel like.” Afterward, I gave him a good bubble bath. He sweats a lot. I mean, A LOT. So, sometimes just a hose off is not enough in the summer!

After spending half the day at the barn, I spent some time in the pool and “relaxed” for a couple of hours before going for a run. Even on days off, I find ways to stay busy and active. That is how I have always been. When I was in school, spring break, Christmas break, and summer did not mean sleeping late and staying out all night, but rather more time to ride. For that is the best kind of “free time.” I have always loved going to the barn and not having to rush; not having anything hanging over my head, and being able to simple be present instead of thinking of what I have to do when I leave. I guess I also like to fill my free time with the things that I love: fresh air and horses. That is my kind of relaxation.


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