Riding a Slug

Chance has been so lazy the past couple of weeks. My usual wild child of a horse has been a slug! Today, I had to borrow a crop from the lady I was riding with to wake him enough to jump. On the bright side, I was able to jump a jump off of a tight turn without him getting worked up – which never happens. Also, at the show this weekend he should perk up just enough (hopefully). We are riding in the indoor arenas at the facility, and he tends to be a little spookier than he is in the outdoor arenas. So I will need him as quiet as possible going in. The downside, I am not used to riding such a quiet horse! It’s weird! He is always a little dull on the flat, but usually once we start jumping he perks up and I have to work on slowing him down. Today it was hard work to keep him in front of my leg, and unfortunately he will not tolerate a spur. It is so funny how horses can be so wild some days and so lazy others. They really keep us on our toes (or heels rather)!

Still a little wet from his shower 🙂

6 thoughts on “Riding a Slug

    1. I rode him with a spur a few times, and then he just started throwing fits about it. He’s fine with a crop or dressage whip, as long as just tap him. That’s the only thing he’s okay with though, I can’t use a martingale or draw reigns or anything.


  1. 🙂 My horse totally freaks out and goes completely crazy when a crop comes out anywhere near him but is fine with spurs…I’m guessing that someone somewhere before we bought him must have been beating him around pretty hard with a crop. But he’s as lazy as they come until he sees some cows. 😀 That always wakes him up.


  2. My girl has been super lazy lately too! I’ve been wondering where my fiery steed has gone, she just has been napping through our rides lately. Luckily she tolerates pretty much everything without getting upset about it, so the spurs have made a reappearance after a decade at the bottom of my gear bag 🙂


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