The Right Stuff

I feel a huge box to check off when it comes to horse training is finding the right equipment for my horse! Flynn and I finally found the right bit, and I started utilizing a small spur, and it is already making a huge difference in our rides. The right tack and aides can be …

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Let’s Go Ride

Does your horse care how much you ride?   I was inspired to write this post, as I am coming off of a couple of years of sporadic riding. I also often read posts on social media about how it's okay to not ride very often, and to not be hard on yourself if you are …

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Inauthenticity Sells

You know what’s funny? How people are always complaining about how social media is a highlight reel, and all fake. But look at popular accounts.They tend to have perfectly edited photos, a perfectly curated aesthetic, and perfectly written captions! Inauthenticity sells! We complain about it, but just keep on giving it traction!  Okay, maybe many of …

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