The Pharoah Does it Again

“This horse, he just keeps bringing it.” – Bob Baffert, Associated Press

Yesterday, American Pharoah won the Haskell Invitational at Monmouth County race track in New Jersey. I was not able to watch it live, but Breeder’s Cup World Championships posted a video on YouTube of his race. Once again, he just cruises along then effortlessly pulls so far ahead toward the end that no other horse even comes close to beating him. According to TimeAmerican Pharoah will retire later this year at just three years of age. The magazine also states that he has earned over $5.5 million in winnings so far! I am sure that is no where near what his breeding rights will bring in either.

IMG_4682Vogue printed a piece about American Pharoah in their August issue called, “Horse Power.” He looks fabulous in his photo by Steven Klein, and the article is beautifully written by Robert Sullivan. Sullivan discusses the possibilities for American Pharoah’s future races, and that his owner, Ahmed Zayat, says “we want to cap his racing career with something that’s never been done in the history of sports.” So perhaps there is more to see from this amazing horse.

I have never been a big racing fan. I watch the Triple Crown races every year, but I know very little about the sport. American Pharoah has really peaked my interest though. I am simply fascinated with him. For the little I know about Thoroughbred racing, I do know that horses just don’t run like that. He is truly something special. I look forward to seeing where life takes him, and I wish him a happy and healthy retirement if he finishes his racing career this year.


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