Gone Country


I have been in the process of moving over the past few weeks. My family has owned land in Montgomery, Texas for the past year and we are currently building on it; so I am renting a place next door to be around throughout the process. Construction on the horse barn and fencing should start soon, and I am beyond excited! I am planning a four stall barn, with a feed room and tack room. It will be pretty basic. I am still working on pinpointing a spot for the arena, and much of the land will be devoted to the pastures. With sixty three acres, there is more than enough space for large pastures and I am a big believer in turn-out! There also trails through the woods that I am sure my horses and I will enjoy!

IMG_4723So far adjusting to country life has not been much of an adjustment at all. I think I have always been a country girl at heart. I have never really felt at home in the city. It is too busy and crowded. Out here, things are much more peaceful and you can actually see the sky.The sunrise this morning was absolutely beautiful. I am still in awe of the stars at night; I could never see them where I lived in the city.
Although Montgomery is considered a city, it very much has a small town vibe. The downtown is quaint, yet alive, unlike many old towns in Texas. There are plenty of businesses, and restaurants. The history of Montgomery is kept alive with the preservation of old houses. The historical district is filled with adorable old homes, many of which have been renovated.

I am looking forward to what the future has in store for me in the country. And I am really looking forward to getting horses out here! 0134319fed7abb504f536f314a2aa9e516b8db5b00


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