Because I Love It


I am sorry for my lack of posts, my mind has been consumed with many things that aren’t horses for once! As I have mentioned before, I am training for a half marathon; The Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend in Disney World, to be exact. The race is in November, and I am finally feeling “ready” for it. Besides running my little legs off, I am building a farm, helping to plan my sister’s wedding, and doing that thing called work. But that is life! However, today I thought that I would sneak in a quick post before heading off to my showing.

I have been riding too, of course. Riding has always been a constant in my life. No matter where I am, or what I am up to, I always seem to be riding. When I first began my adventure in this sport, I never really thought that I would still be at it fourteen years later. I almost quit several times when I was a kid. Yet, for some reason I never did. I think my parents assumed that I would outgrow my horse phase (like most girls) after high school, but almost a decade later and I still can’t imagine my life without it. When I began working as a real estate agent two years ago, people often asked if I still found time to ride and I always answered, “of course,” as if it was not even an option not to. It gets tough to schedule in riding when I get busy with work, but I always seem to find a way. And now, when I have a billion things on my plate I still manage to ride every day. I don’t think the question is “how,” but rather “why.” That is easy, because I love it. I love horses. I love every part of owning and riding horses. I love being an equestrian.

No matter how crazy and busy my life gets, I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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