Disney World Here I Come!


“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.”-Walt Disney

I am off to the most magical place on earth bright and early tomorrow morning! Saturday night, I will be running in the Wine and Dine Half Marathon! It will be my first half marathon, so I am a little nervous. My training runs have gone really well lately, and I am sure once I get to the start line I will have more than enough adrenaline to run well. The last race I ran at Disney World was so much fun; there was music, fireworks, characters along the course. I am really looking forward to experiencing another Disney World race. And of course I am looking forward to roller coasters, tasty food (Disney World has TONS of vegetarian options), and Disney princesses!

In other news, Chance was great today. I think he was just testing my endurance to make sure I am ready for this weekend. He jumped around quietly, hit all of his lead changes, and was just very agreeable overall. Thank goodness! How perfect would that be to get bucked off a few days before running a half marathon?!

See how sleepy he was!

Well, I hope the rest of you have a wonderful weekend as well! I will try to tweet some and post pictures on Instagram this weekend; feel free follow along on my Disney adventure! 

Instagram: @laurelashtonw

Twitter: @LaurelAshtonW


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