Still Crazy

I posted a while ago that I was having trouble coming up with things to write about because I am often more inspired by the tough times of my riding life in “A Simple Ride and Writer’s Block.” While Chance has still been pretty good lately, today he reminded me that he is still a little crazy.

Everything was going well, we were doing our last small course. Coming around the turn to the last jump, as we passed my trainer and the horse and rider that we were riding with, he started bucking and kicking out. I got him over the jump; it wasn’t pretty, but we made it. Needless to say, I knew I had to keep going after that incident but when I cantered past everyone, he again acted like a total brat. I could not get him to cooperate until I began trotting jumps on the complete other side of the ring. Unfortunately, I froze for a moment so I was not able to get him to straighten up as quickly as I would have liked; but I was able to get him through it, at least. He has not worked with another horse in the ring for a while – a couple of months, actually – so I think that was the problem. It is still no reason for him to be such a spoiled brat though.

Hopefully he will be better tomorrow. Surely he will be a bit tired! He was a little wild yesterday too, and although he didn’t really do anything bad, I did have to ride him for a while. Perhaps we will have a good ride tomorrow since it my last one before I leave for Disney World! Yes, I head to Disney World on Friday and will run my first half marathon on Saturday! So, I am hoping for a quiet horse tomorrow as to not use up too much energy!

I hope you are all having a great riding week. Have your horses been crazy? It seems they all can get a little nutty this time of year. Though, Chance can be nutty any time of year.


5 thoughts on “Still Crazy

  1. BHIB and Tom

    I must have thousands of “crazies” shots in my archives. I’m standing right there with my camera and to this day I cannot figure out what sets a horse off sometimes. Good luck in the 1/2 marathon!

    P.S. blogging tip, I noticed how many tags you have. In wordpress the rule is no more then 15 combined categories and tags. Any more and the reader thinks your spam and you get kicked out of the reader and only followers see your post.

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  2. Crazy horses? Oh yeah! My ‘reliable’ horse decided yesterday that everything that moves must be coming to eat him alive. I have NO idea what was running through his head as he’s seen everything on that trail millions of times before. But today? Huh uh! ;P

    Good luck on your 1/2 marathon!! 😀

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