Seeing Beauty

This morning, I went for an early run and on my way out I saw steam rising from our pond, and our property had this lovely yet eerie morning glow. Fall mornings are always a little haunting, with fog, falling leaves, and sharp chill in the air.

I ran a couple of miles through my little town. I have always been captivated by the charm of old towns.

As I ran back up the driveway, the sun had begun to rise and was gloriously glowing through the fog.

With all of the terrible things going on in this broken world, sometimes we need to just pause and appreciate the beauty that is around us. That is the thing about nature: it can shine on the darkest day.

Our horses, too, can give us solace in dark times. They don’t worry about the future. They do not care about race, religion, or politics. As long as they are fed and cared for, they are happy. They can sense our emotions, and can comfort us. Many a time, have I gone to the barn weighed down by what is going on in the world – or the trivial troubles of my own life – and I leave with my spirit lifted. Horses are amazing creatures, and can help us through so much if we choose to let them.


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