Another Food and Fitness Post

I felt that blogging about food would be appropriate this week. I am pre-writing this post, as I will be in Disney World when it posts enjoying eating and drinking around the world at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival! I used to post quite a bit about food and fitness. While I still am …

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Not Enough Energy to Workout?

Do you have enough energy to workout? The responses to a poll on my Instagram story a couple weeks ago inspired this post! If you don’t have the energy to workout (and are not struggling with health issues), ask yourself a few questions: 1. Am I getting enough sleep? 2. How is my nutrition? 3. …

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Happy Monday! What Are You Doing For You This Week?

Whoo hoo, we've finally had some good sunshine last week! Which, of course, means that I had decent lighting for my post-run selfies! 😉 Last week was kind of crazy. I waited until the last minute to start studying for a Nutrition exam, so I of course just about wore myself out cramming for it! …

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