Looking Brighter

In Wintertime Blues, I told you all that Chance had been a little injured. Well, he is still a little injured, though ride-able. The vet came out on Monday since he still wasn’t quite right. When Chance was at the clinic for his colic, they had done a lameness exam and worked him on the lunge line. He came up sound on the lunge line, but still was not quite right under saddle that next week. We put an anti-inflammatory cream and a standing wrap on his leg after I rode him each day, and he improved. However, when he was off of the cream for a few days he took a step back. Thus, the vet visit. He wanted to see Chance under saddle, thinking it would show more – which it did.

Fortunately, it is not a suspensory injury! The vet believes he has a soft tissue strain somewhere, so he is to be on a mild anti-inflammatory for a bit. And I am still allowed to ride him lightly, since he is just barely off 🙂 The vet, my trainer, and I were all thinking it was a suspensory strain; I am very glad that it is not. Although treatable, they can take a good while time to heal. Hopefully  Chance can return to full work soon, and be ready to start showing next month.

I have taken the past couple of weeks of light rides to break in the new tall boots I got for Christmas. I suppose that’s a decent accomplishment?

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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