Hello Summer

Summer has come to Texas in full force! I am one of those crazy people that loves summer. I thrive in the heat and humidity. As long as I stay hydrated, I can stay outside all day. I love the longer days, and sunshine. I even love to sweat!

Luckily, Chance has always done fairly well in the summer. He typically sweats like crazy, and is very good about drinking water. He gets salt in the summer, and I like to ride early (or late). My summer rides are usually at 8am, or 6pm. The hours in between can be a little hard on horses! I also give him breaks; always before jumping, and when it gets really hot I will walk him for a few minutes between gaits on the flat.

He also gets lots of showers…

Then gets a fan!

As for me, I find that the more I am outside the faster I become accustomed to the heat. Running in the summer makes riding feel like breeze! I also have to pay attention to my hydration and salt intake. And of course wear lots of sunscreen!! I also try to spend as much time in water as possible 😉

Happy Monday everyone!


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