A Light Week

Chance got his injections last Friday, so this week was a light hack week – until today. We injected his hocks and navicular bursa. The navicular injection has seemed to really help him stay sound, and well most jumping horses need their hocks done at some point (in my opinion) as a preventative treatment, if anything. I do not believe in injecting everything on a horse’s body, but I think that a couple of injections to help them stay healthy, happy, and sound can be a great thing. And just to clarify, Chance’s mysterious unsoundness has never been severe. He just won’t be quite right, if that makes sense. The injections really seem to help though. 

After his injections, he usually gets three days off then three days of light work. Tuesday, I went out and hacked him in the evening. He was wild! I was pretty surprised, considering the sweltering heat! He shot forward, with his head in the air, when I asked for a trot. I stayed soft, and just kept my posting slow; he eventually “settled.” His wildness was just below the surface though. Luckily, I have learned how to keep it there – on the flat at least. 

Wednesday and Thursday, he was a bit quieter yet still more forward than he has been lately. He had Friday off, then we jumped today. 

We just did a couple, but he was awesome. He was focused, engaged, and fluid. My trainer had even moved jumps around! Sometimes he gets flustered when the jumps are in different places, but not today. He cantered around like and old pro.

 I am excited to get him back to full work next week, and to take him to a show next month. We are going to at least do a couple of flat classes, and maybe a jumping class if he is good. It is a three day show, which I think will be very good for him. Spending threes days at a show, without the pressure of showing (unless he is being really good), should really help with his nerves. 

I hope you all had a great week of riding, and a have great weekend too! 


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