Typical Chance

My trainer and I decided, spur of the moment, on Wednesday that we would take Chance to a small, local show this weekend. For the first time in I don’t even know how long, I really didn’t have that hint of anxiety about it in the days leading up to it. I was pretty relaxed about it. We were planning to take him today to school, then he was to spend the night, and we would show or school tomorrow morning (depending on how he was). I had a good feeling about it…

Well, when I got to the barn today to get him ready to go, in typical Chance fashion he had a nasty gash on his face – right above his eye. I took one look at him, saw blood dripping down his face and thought “of course.” I texted my trainer because I knew she would not have left him bleeding, and she came out. Apparently, she had checked everyone’s water about thirty minutes before, so he had just done it!

He is completely fine, he missed his eye, thank goodness! We are not going to the show though because he will likely have some swelling around his eye tomorrow. We cleaned him up (which is always fun on a head shy horse), and are hoping he will heal up for the show next weekend! I am honestly just learning to laugh at his oddly convenient injuries, and I am just thankful they aren’t worse.

I hope the rest of you are having a weekend free of horse injuries!


4 thoughts on “Typical Chance

  1. Typical red headed thoroughbred no matter what the sex! I just cleaned out my tack box and finally removed all the first aid stuff I may need because of mine and I have not shown one for about 2 years. What happened to you is fairly standard. Lol. Good luck, there is nothing quite like a redhead ottb, the lows do your head in and the highs are those OMG moments you always remember 😊

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  2. I have had 4. The last one a mare (don’t go there!! Lol). On a bad day she would be left at the float/trailer (yes I’m Australian) on good days you would swear she was cross warmblood with the movement she had. Everyone of them would take skin off some part of them before a show. The geldings were prone to marking their faces the mare would some how cut her leg/s, even when all booted or bandaged up. Best advice I was told and took awhile to start believing in it was don’t treat them like they are precious (I know! they are our fur babies) just don’t treat them like they are, for some cosmic reason, less injuries. Weird! Huh but this is the world of redhead Ottb 🙃😀


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