Corn Fields and Country Life


Well, now I need a corn field of my own because corn is sort of pretty! I took this photo at a local farm the other day. My mom, sister, and I got lost in their corn maze.

You know, it was my childhood dream to live on a farm, grow food, and have lots of animals! I do not have lots of animals yet, but I do live on a farm. It seems that dreams really do come true, even if you have to wait twenty-six years!

I am hoping I won’t have to wait that long for some of my other dreams, but I trust in God’s plan and timing for my life. Trusting in Him is really hard at times, but He is always good – and always knows best!

I have adjusted quite well to country life. I love the open spaces, being so close to nature, and just being able to live a calmer life. Cities are anything but calm. I love being able to see the stars and moon night, and the sunrise in the morning. I love spending so much of time outside. I love mowing fields. I have grown used to seeing snakes occasionally, and constantly tracking dirt into the house. In spite of that, my life right now is one of my dreams – probably the dream I have had the longest – coming true. I could say it was worth the wait, but honestly I have pretty much forgotten the years of living in the city. All that matters now is the present moment, and that is pretty great.


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