Our Latest Saga

If you have been following me for a while now, you know that I have dealt with quite a few injuries and health issues with Chance. Well, he has been at it again lately! About a month ago, he did something to his stifle. He recovered from that, but still has not been quite right. He has been lethargic, and pretty sour – which is not like him.

So, last week he had another lameness exam to see if he was possibly still sore somewhere. He wasn’t, so the vet did a physical exam and blood work. Everything came out normal, so we began to think that it could be ulcers.

My trainer, vet, and I have suspected that he has ulcers since last summer. I have been giving him a supplement, and he has not shown any signs until recently. He is getting a week of Ulcer-guard, and if he improves we will come up with a long-term plan! He has had three days of it already, so I am going to to try riding him tomorrow to see how he is. Fingers crossed


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