Just an Update on Life and Horses


I have been pretty quiet on here lately! Life has been a little crazy. Cabin construction is underway. Farm spring cleaning and mowing has been keeping me pretty busy. Then of course there’s work, running my fitness business, and riding!

Also, there have been some things that I just haven’t wanted to post about. But I do try to be honest on here about what is going on in my riding life, so here goes!

I started having problems with Chance again. He became sour, and just seemed miserable to be working – and we could not figure out why – so my trainer and I decided to give him some time off. Three months. There is a good chance he just needed a break. Either that, or it is time for him to retire. I have had a lot of problems with him over the years, and I have tried so many things to keep him sound and happy. I think there is a certain point though that I have to ask myself if I’m being fair to him. There is a certain point when perhaps enough is enough – he is either going to go around or he isn’t. I am hopeful that this time off will be what he needed though. But if not, I will have a very nice pasture for him here on the farm for him to spend the rest of his days!

He had two months off so far, is barefoot and off of his supplements, living in a pasture where I board with his best buddy, and seems happy as he can be! The plan is to put him back to work next month, and just see how he is. Fingers crossed all will go well!

In the mean time, my trainer has been kind enough to let me ride some of the other horses at the barn, so I am still getting saddle time! And I have begun to look for another horse (which was the plan long before Chance started having issues). Once the farm here at home is ready, I will be able to have more than one horse at a time – so I will still be riding regardless of what Chance decides he wants the rest of his life to look like!

I hope you are all doing well, and I promise to start getting on here more again! 😉



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