Let us Run with Patience

“And let us run with patience the race that is set before us.” ~ Hebrews 12:1


Just because God has called you to do something, does not mean that it will happen right away. The path of your purpose may be winding, with many peaks and valleys, but stay strong! Stay focused, for following your purpose is not always easy. Trust the Lord. Life is a marathon, not a sprint, and if I learned anything running distance races it is that you have to pace yourself or you burn out! That takes patience when you want to reach the finish line, for sure!

I struggle so much with patience in waiting on God’s timing; for I usually think that things need to happen yesterday! But there is so much peace to be found in trusting God.

I have always felt, in my heart, that my purpose is horses. However, my riding career has been anything but easy. It has, at times, felt like a constant struggle. Anyone who rides in the hunter jumper world knows that this is very tough sport to do, or make a career out of, without a lot of money. And I mean a lot.

I didn’t have the money, or backing, to pursue a competitive career when I became an adult. I found, through working at farms, that is very difficult to make good money with horses, if you don’t have your own business and I did not have the means to start one.

Over the years though, I have still always felt the whisper in the back of my mind that horses are my purpose. So, I have always found a way to make them a priority.

Working non-traditional jobs has enabled me time to ride as an adult, although not as I had hoped to. But that is okay. My path has not been a straight shot, but that does not mean that I will never get where I want to go. I trust the Lord. I trust that His plan is greater than mine, even if I do not always see it.

Sometimes we just have to stay the course, and stay patient. Just because things are coming easily, does not mean that it is not meant to be!



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