Persistence Pays Off

“I believe that if you want something with all your heart, you get it.”  ~Vivian Leigh~

I am not a big fan of that quote,”if it doesn’t open, it’s not your door.” If it doesn’t open, find another entrance. Or go through a window! Or, heck, pick the dang lock! Figuratively speaking, of course!! Be persistent about following your dreams. Have patience, but refuse to give up. Do not think that it is not meant to be because it is not easy. There is always a way.

I think that it has become far too acceptable to just give up. I see people giving up on their dreams, ambitions, and even fitness goals all the time! When there is a bump in the road, or when life gets busy, that is the time to try harder! Trying harder does not always mean working harder, I think that it can also mean trying a different approach. But if you want something badly enough, find a way to have it.

Life will always give you difficulty, no matter what. Wouldn’t you rather face the hard times while living your dream?!

Sometimes we have to fight like hell for the things that we want, and have more patience than seems humanly possible. But just because something did not fall in your lap, does not mean that it is not meant to be. I have certainly had plenty of things fall in my lap that were not right for me, and I have had to work so hard for the things that I actually wanted. I still have to work hard every day. Sometimes achieving the things I want in life seems completely impossible, and they certainly are if I never try.

Whatever it is you truly want out of life, keep trying, keep fighting, be persistent, and find a way to have it!



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