How to Make Time for Your Fitness When You Have No Time


Let’s face it, life is just busy these days. So often, as a fitness coach, people tell me they are too busy to workout and eat right because of their job, kids, horses, school, what have you. But the truth is, we all have something that keeps us busy! We all work in some way – whether it’s a career, being a student, raising kids, or riding horses. Also, with technology, we are expected to be connected 24/7 – which can turn into working 24/7! So why is it that some people are able to stay in shape and eat right, and some aren’t?

The answer to that is priorities! If we do not prioritize our health, we are not going to exercise or make good food choices. We will park in front of the TV after a long day, and eat whatever is quick and easy. However, we all know how difficult it can be to prioritize our health sometimes!!!

I am not being self-righteous, or on some high horse, about how I always prioritize my health because I don’t! Even as a fitness coach, and someone who loves healthy food and exercise, I struggle!! Being in school, and working, and owning a horse and dog has made it difficult to keep my fitness on track this year. I have to actively make the choice, every day, to make it a priority. And some days I don’t because I’m human, and therefore imperfect. As we speak, I am seriously considering getting some Chick-fi-la waffle fries because I somehow forgot to bring snacks today and that is usually what happens when I don’t have any healthy snacks in my bag!!! I have learned a lot over the years (and this year) about how to stay on track and keep my health a priority – even when I feel like I have no time. So, I thought I would share a few tips with you today! (P.S. small splurges are totally okay sometimes, in my opinion. We gotta live a little!).

  1. Short but effective workouts: Instead of doing an hour of yoga every day, I have been opting for thirty minutes of intense strength training or cardio about four to five days a week lately. I don’t have a ton of time to workout each day, so I make the time I have count. Short workouts can give you great results, as long as you increase the intensity.
  2. Keep an on-going grocery list in your phone: I keep a grocery list in my “notes” on my phone, and I add things to it throughout the week. Then on the day I make it to the store, I’m not scrambling around trying to figure out what I need. And I actually make good choices at the store!
  3. Buy foods that are quick and easy to prepare: I am not big on food prep. I just never actually do, so I try to get foods that don’t take a long time to prepare. Fortunately vegetables are really quick and easy to cook! Fish is also really great, since it cooks so quickly. I do not eat meat, besides fish, so I do not really know what meats are quick to cook; just opt for ones that are. Bagged salad, tuna, veggie patties, and eggs are also staples in my diet because they only takes a few minutes to prepare!
  4. Give yourself grace:  Give yourself grace to workout three or four times a week, rather than six. Don’t beat yourself up if you missed a workout, or grabbed takeout. You don’t have to perfect to get results!!

I hope these help you today, and I would to know if you have any tips or tricks that you use to stay on track?!

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