I’m Back

Wow, I have really not blogged in a long time. Nursing school really knocked the wind out of me. It has been so much work that I essentially let everything else fall by the wayside. Understandable? Yes, nursing school is tough and all-consuming. We are learning how to care for people at their most vulnerable. We are learning about disease, and the complexities of the human body. We are learning to be able to handle having people’s lives in our hands.

Of course, it’s tough.

But does that mean I should just forget about everything else in my life? No! I have always been an advocate for balance in life. We can’t put our entire being into our careers, no matter how important our jobs may be. We can’t give up all of the other things that are important to us. When we do that, we burn out. Quickly. As I have been learning this year.

I am back no though. I am getting back to some of my other passions. I am making the horses a priority, as well as my health and fitness. I am making this blog, and my social media accounts a priority once again – as it gives me a bit of a creative outlet.

I am learning to be a good student without turning my back on the rest of my life. I am learning to, once again, enjoy life. In fact, I am writing this blog before I pick up my textbook. I am striving for some semblance of balance as I finish up my degree!

Stay tuned, there are many updates coming!



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