That Pesky Little Thing Called Discipline


Yesterday, I stalked Chance around the pasture for maybe thirty minutes before he finally let me catch him. That horse really knows how to push my buttons, and test my patience, like nobody’s business. He has been difficult to catch the past couple of weeks, and honestly it is partly because my work schedule and bad weather has been hindering his work schedule.

Consistency is key. With horses, fitness, school, work, everything. It is definitely something I am working on right now, especially with Chance! You can’t have consistency without discipline. That has been a struggle for me. Riding has not been a part of my daily routine for a while now (far too long of a while), so it is tough to learn how to fit it back in. Especially when I work twelve hour days in a hospital. I don’t always want to wake up early on my days off to work Chance on my days off. I don’t always want to work him when I get home either – even though I have plenty of daylight. Sure, I can’t control the weather. But I can control how I use my time on the days the weather is nice!

The same can be said for running! I am starting to (slowly) train for a half marathon, and it is taking so much discipline to get my runs in. I know it is going to be even more difficult once school starts, so I need to build that habit now!

I’m not doing everything perfectly, I’m just trying to stay disciplined and move forward with my goals a little bit every day. I have more goals than becoming a nurse, and it is taking a lot of commitment to make these things priorities in my already busy schedule.

I can’t always sleep in on my days off (or ever, really), or get lost in a Netflix series (I don’t even have Netflix ha). Sometimes my laundry has to wait… I have to prioritize. It’s hard, but it also feels so good to have a run finished and to have some fun with my horse! I am also finding that I do have the time for these things when I don’t give myself the option to not do them. Also, setting goals and never doing anything to achieve them just gives me a really icky feeling you know? It’s like I’m letting myself down, and I don’t want to do that! Besides that, riding and running are things that I want to do so I have to find a way to make time for them!

What is something you are trying to make more time for?!


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