Arizona Adventures


As I mentioned in my last couple of blogs, I am currently visiting my boyfriend in Arizona for the next few weeks since I have a nice long break from school. I am bummed I couldn’t bring the horses, but I do have my dog Khloe here! Maybe the boys will get to come next summer ;)! It was a 16 hour drive, mostly through West Texas to get here but we made it! So far, I have gotten to do a little sight seeing – mostly on Mount Lemmon. Many things are still closed due to COVID-19, but hey the outside is always open ;)!

It is dry, and HOT, here with temperatures reaching up to 110 during the day! Though there is no crazy Texas humidity, the heat is still pretty intense so my runs and Khloe’s walks are having to happen first thing in the morning. It is also so so sunny! I love the sun, so the lack of rain and clouds is great for me!

Here are some pictures of my adventures so far. They are mostly on Mount Lemmon in Southern Arizona!



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