When It Comes To Health & Fitness


For those of you that have been following along for a while, you know that besides being an avid equestrian and nursing student, I am also a fitness coach. I partner with Beachbody to provide nutrition supplements, meal plans, and workout programs along with one on one coaching. I really try to keep things simple when it comes to eating healthy and exercise. In fact, that is really the key right? Eat healthy, and get enough exercise!

I believe in eating real food. I’m not into diet trends. I like a balanced diet, with enough calories to actually provide fuel! I like meal plans to be straightforward, without a bazillion rules. I may splurge, but I believe that consistency is key. Healthy eating, in my opinion, is about making good food choices that give your body nourishment and energy most of the time! It’s not about following a bunch of rules, or constantly counting calories. Yes, I track my meals to make sure I am getting all the necessary food groups and nutrients each day. And yes, I try my best to make good choices each day. But I’m not perfect, and I don’t like to over-complicate things! In my opinion, eating healthy is perfectly simple. Just eat real food, and make good choices most of the time!


The same goes for exercise. Find a form of exercise that you enjoy, and stick to it. For me, that’s running! I love running outside, and training for races. I actually signed up for my first marathon recently, so I will be training for that the rest of the year! Maybe running isn’t your thing though, and that’s totally okay. Maybe you like weight lifting, or dancing, or yoga. I believe that you don’t have to do whatever the latest popular workout is to get results. Just do what you enjoy. Being a part of Beachbody, I constantly see other coaches doing to newest Beachbody workout programs. To be honest, I tend to stick with my favorites most of the time; otherwise, I am not as consistent. You have to be able to look forward to your workouts, or chances are that you will use every excuse not to do them! At least, that’s how I am!

All in all, if you have health and fitness goals, keep things simple! Eat good, nourishing foods and do workouts you enjoy. Stick to it, and you will see results! For more information on fitness coaching, or to sign up for one of my virtual accountability groups, send me an email here! To check out some of the products Beachbody offers, click here and click “shop” at the bottom right hand side of the page!


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