Horses Are in my Blood


I have been in a weird place in my equestrian life for a while now. I no longer care much about competing, nor am I interested in selling horses (which was my goal for a long time). So, why have horses if I am not competitive or trying to make money? To be frank, I am not really sure of the answer other than horses are just a part of who I am. I can’t imagine not having horses in my life. They’re in my blood.

I also think my goals are simply changing. I am more interested in horsemanship, and developing a relationship with a horse. I am becoming interested in helping horses, after being reminded of the plight of so many off the track thoroughbreds during my recent horse shopping experience. While I would like to compete again at some point, it just isn’t a priority. I would rather have a bond with a horse than a blue ribbon. But maybe I will show again when I finish school. We will see.

I do still have the desire to one day have a horse business. Just not a sales business, like I used to think I wanted. I am not so good at selling horses. I would rather teach lessons, or have boarders, I think. Or maybe I’ll have a rescue of some sort some day. I am really not sure what the future will hold, I just know that horses will be in it. Always.


2 thoughts on “Horses Are in my Blood

  1. I often wonder in my now long horse life, about my changing preferences. For example, I don’t rush out to ride as much as I once did. As with you, horses are part of me — of my very fabric. Yet my goals continue to change. I think when we fulfill our desires in a certain area, it makes us full, and ready to explore another area of what’s possible with horses. Recently my motivation has improved by inviting others to come and ride along with me. This “human element” has worked to get me out to ride more :)) Maybe it helps to know someone else has experienced that, as well :)) Best to you! Dawn

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