Why Are We All So Busy?


This is a question that I have pondered for years. Why is there always so much to do all the time? Why are there never enough hours in the day? If this whole quarantine/COVID-19 situation showed me anything, it’s that life would be a heck of a lot more pleasant if I had a little bit less to do. Don’t get me wrong, online nursing school totally sucked (nursing is a hands-on thing, there is no way around that) but it was so nice to not have to commute further than my desk across the room. It was nice being at home with my animals more. It was nice just having a little bit less to deal with.

Of course, having less to do isn’t possible long term is it? We will have to go back to regular school or work at some point, and then it will be back to the hamster wheel right? But does it have to be?

Again, I have wondered this for years. I have always thought it strange how so many people seem to sort of, well, brag about how busy they are. I read an article the other day about how work life balance is simply not possible. Why not though? It is possible to say no. I have had to say no to picking up extra shifts at work over the past year. Though I want to help out, and I love extra money, sometimes I have to say no so that I will not be stretched too thin. Toward the end of this past semester, I started saying no to studying. Maybe that was not the best choice, but I still pulled off straight Bs. I definitely want to keep up with this whole saying no sometimes thing because here’s the truth: I hate being crazy busy. I hate feeling stretched thin. I hate being sleep deprived, overwhelmed, and stressed out. I have to recognize the fact that although sometimes busyness is unavoidable, most of the time it is a choice.

So, do we have to be busy all the time moving forward? Or, can we maybe find ways not to me? Just something to think about this week! Have a great Tuesday y’all!


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