Change Is In The Air

Wow, it has been a little while since I have posted on here. So much has changed that I actually considered starting a new blog. There are just so many posts on here that I cherish, particularly the posts about my journey with Chance. That being said, I will be making some changes to this blog moving forward. I will be going back to basics. I started this blog years ago to write about my life as an equestrian. The original title was “An Equestrian.” I documented my journey with Chance, all of the ups and downs.

When I started fitness coaching, I expanded this blog to include health and fitness tips and more. I posted less about horses because I wasn’t riding as much. I did not have it in me to post much about Chance’s essential retirement. I made this more of a lifestyle blog. However, I am going back to focusing it on my equestrian lifestyle though. I love writing about horses, and my journey with them. I plan to share more about why Chance is now retired, and of course my journey with Flynn. Sure, I may post about health and fitness from time to time as it pertains to riding and such. But this is going back to an equestrian lifestyle blog.


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