When Times Get Tough: Go For A Ride

I don’t think that anyone can deny that the past couple of years have been tough, collectively. 2020 really turned our whole world upside down. Along with that, there are always struggles in life no matter what else is going on in the world. Loss, heartbreak, failure, stress. These are things most of us have experienced. Hardship is a part of life. What is the one thing that has always helped me get through the tough times in life? I’m sure you can already guess, horses.

Horses have always given me solace, no matter what is going on in my life.

They are an escape, and always seem to help me put things into perspective. I think horses can teach us so much about life. While riding, we often have to problem solve and work as a team with a 1,000 pound animal. We have to be leaders, and good listeners. We have to be strong, yet gentle. Riding and working with horses is so much like life.

Horses also live in the moment, and can teach us to do the same. There is a saying that if you approach a horse as though you have fifteen minutes, it’ll take all day; but if you approach a horse as though you have all day, it’ll take fifteen minutes. Is that not the truth? Have you ever tried to catch a horse in the pasture, while in a hurry? Horses appreciate calm energy. My horses have always forced me to set aside my stress and worry, and just be. They have always forced me to slow down, and let of some of the frenzy of modern day living.

Horses simplify life. Taking care of horses takes hard work. Physical work. I have always felt that hard, physical work is often the most rewarding. There is something so rewarding about looking out into a field, and seeing well cared for horses quietly grazing in the sun.

Horses are my escape, my comfort, and my teachers on how to really live. So when times get tough, I head right out to the barn.


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