Winter Solstice Vibes

Winter solstice. When the day is short, the weather is cold, and normally quiet horses turn into fire breathing giraffes. Okay, okay Flynn didn't breathe fire this morning but he did have some giraffe vibes during our ride this morning! And considering the fact that it was in the 80s all last week, I can't …

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Getting My Life Back

I finally finished nursing school, and I feel like a new person. I have free time again. I am not longer bogged down by stress and burnout. I am getting my life back. I know it sounds dramatic, but nursing school was such a huge commitment and took so much out of me. It also …

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Inauthenticity Sells

You know what’s funny? How people are always complaining about how social media is a highlight reel, and all fake. But look at popular accounts.They tend to have perfectly edited photos, a perfectly curated aesthetic, and perfectly written captions! Inauthenticity sells! We complain about it, but just keep on giving it traction!  Okay, maybe many of …

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