Apparently, tomorrow is the first day of Fall. Well I don’t know about y’all, but I am really looking forward to some Fall weather! Texas summers are brutal! This summer really was not as bad as most, but it has still been hot and humid. The horses all seem pretty over it out at the farm. Chance has been super lazy, and we are both dripping in sweat after I ride. Although hot, it was a great summer, and I think it will be a great fall as well. The next show we are going to is the weekend before Halloween. There is show in Katy in November, and then we are done for the year! I have never been to the place the October show is – and neither has Chance – which is a little nerve wracking since he can get so wild, but I think he will be fine; we will be there a day early so he should be used to it by the time we show. He has made so much progress at the the last few shows too; he is finally getting things figured out. I am hoping that he will finish out the year well because I am wanting to start taking him to ‘A’ shows next year, hopefully by February. He should be able to be pretty competitive at all the Texas shows. I am not sure what I will show him in yet… It will depend on how he is the next couple of months.. He definitely will show at 3′ next year, possibly 3’3″. It has been a long road with him, but I am very excited for what the future has to offer. This summer ended very well, and hopefully this Fall will be even better!



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