All Mine

There really is nothing quite like owning a horse. I got my first horse when I was fifteen. At twenty, I found myself without a horse and with no way to buy one. I started catch riding, and eventually got riding jobs. For a few years, I exercised and trained horses along with teaching riding lessons. I loved it. Yet, it was still not quite the same as owning my own horse. When I rode so many different horses all the time, I never experienced an actual bond with any of them. Sure, I liked some more than others but there really is nothing like the bond between horse and owner. The bond that slowly develops as they trust each other more and more – which can take years. I am starting to feel it when I ride Chance. We are in sync more often than not. He knows what I want before I ask him. We listen to each other, and we are finally beginning to really trust one another. It seems to have taken longer to develop a bond with him than with my past horses. Perhaps it is because I bought him to be a sale horse and I never thought of him as being “mine” until recently. Or maybe it is simply that we did not trust each other for a long time. Regardless, I have recently been reminded of how great it is to own my own horse. Besides our rides being so much better, it is precious when he whinnies at me when I show up at the barn; or when he gives me “neck hugs.” I do not know much about his background, but I am pretty sure that I am his first real owner; I believe he was always a sale horse that was not handled much. He certainly seems to enjoy his new life of getting a lot of attention and affection. And I am enjoying owning a horse 🙂


3 thoughts on “All Mine

  1. My boy took longer than the “usual” to bond with as well, and a LOT of work. But now that we’re there and trusting each other more, it is the most amazing thing. Even more so because it wasn’t easy. So happy for you and Chance!

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