Sitting Still

When my horses are lame or sore I immediately give them a few days off. If that does not help, the vet comes out. I am always very conscious about my horses’ physical well-being. One horse I had got regular massages and chiropractic adjustments. And I always make sure that they have adequate time off. So, why do I not give myself the same treatment? I have always been a “push through the pain” kind of girl. I often think of myself as tough and strong. I am very active. I ride (obviously), run, and practice yoga. I have also been helping my dad a lot with things out on our property, which has been very physical. This week I have been experiencing flare-ups of old injuries, and a lot of muscle pain and stiffness (mostly in my shoulders and back). I tried to push through it like I always do, but I just couldn’t. Then I thought, “I would never expect a horse to suck it up and push through the pain, so why am making myself?” I have scratched classes at horse shows, simply because I felt that my horse was a little too tired. So yesterday afternoon I decided to do something crazy: rest my body. I worked from the couch with a heating pad on my back. I did ride yesterday morning, but besides that I sat still. I even got a massage today, and scheduled another one for next week! I do not seem to have an injury, I think I just pushed a little too hard physically. I should be able to return to normal activity over the next few days, but I need to start caring for my own body the way I have always cared for my horses. I love being very active and I am not one to sit still; once in a while I over do it. While it is not necessarily a bad thing to be tough, I must also be able to step back and take it easy at times or I will truly injure myself. It is okay to be still every once in a while!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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