Good Weather Please

Here is to hoping that the weather cooperates this weekend so that I can finally make it to a horse show! I was supposed to go to a local show last weekend; however, due to crazy storms it was moved to this coming weekend. We have attempted to go to a show almost every month this year and the weather refuses to cooperate. Hopefully, this weekend will be different!! I am also planning to go to a show next weekend. After quite possibly the craziest work week I have ever had, back to back horse shows sounds absolutely heavenly! Horse show weekends may not be relaxing, but they allow me to get my mind off of work for a while. I am also hoping that Chance is cooperative… He has been very good the past few months, so I think that he will be fine as long as I stay confident and relaxed. So far, I am not feeling nervous but rather excited to finally start the show year!

Are any of you showing this weekend? If so, best of luck!!

~ Laurel


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