When It Rains

When the weather will not cooperate with riding plans, it is beyond frustrating. Texas is having its own monsoon season. So. Much. Rain. Yesterday, it cleared off in the afternoon so after a busy workday I was more than ready for a ride in the evening. I headed out to the barn, tacked Chance up, was putting on my boots and heard thunder rumbling. I waited about ten minutes to see if it would pass. No such luck. The sky began dumping buckets of rain that made the barely ride-able arena once again too wet. Then today, literally ten minutes before I was to head out my trainer texted saying that it was starting to thunder. I write this post listening to pouring rain. Really?! It is like the weather has it out for me this week! So what do we do when the weather will not allow us to ride?

I have been constantly reminding myself that the rain will not last forever. It will stop eventually, everything will dry out, the sun will shine creating one hundred degree temperatures, and we Texans will be reminiscing about all this rain. Also, when I am able to ride I try to really make it count. I make sure Chance gets a good work out, so long as the arena is dry enough. It is also a good idea to use extra free time to catch up on life: laundry, grocery shopping, blogging, etc. And sometimes, it is not so bad for our horses to have a break. I am confident that Chance will not forget everything once I am actually able to ride him again, and once the rain subsides it will be too hot for him to be terribly wild.

Hopefully, the rest of the week will not be so bad and I will actually have something interesting to post about 🙂

~ Laurel


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